Sunday, August 26, 2012

Princess Samira

 This is my first set for this voluptuous, exotic beauty. I do have plans to get her some more action, but for now she's just posing. I usually don't like to do anything without including my model's face, but dat ass really needed it own renders. On the last pose I changed her body type from including Aiko to only V4 Elite with NGM morphs for V4. For some reason the previous morphs didn't seem to mix well and made me dissatisfied with the way her breasts were turning out. Rendered in Poser Pro 2012.

Full Download:

 I had to throw these in as well. I think Samira looks very nice tied up, as all princesses should. The download is updated to include these, and fix a flaw in one of the previous images.


  1. Your female character are absolutely beautifull.I like her curvy bottom.How do you make so round ass?Your lady are all with sexy curves.It's very good.
    The light effect are great too.(perhaps too many colors in your last set,no?)
    Congratulation, you did very good job and happy to have found your blog.

  2. Thank you very much, your words are very encouraging. I use a combination of morphs, for the ass I use X&M perfect V4 morphs, and I get the roundness from ralfetas' Bend for V4 morphs. Unfortunately bending the models at the waist usually makes the ass look terrible, but these morphs generally fix it.

    Were you talking about the Black Widow set with too many colors? I kind of agree, but it's hard for me to tell sometimes how the color is because I have color vision deficiency. I do appreciate your critiques, if there is anything you would specifically change please let me know :)

  3. no, it was for the Samira set but perhaps was it intentional in the way to create some sunlight.The picture#6&7&8 are my favorite because there isn't no excessive light.Don't worry the other are good too.^_^

  4. WOW! Excellent work! I hope to see more.