Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Character: Carly

I decided I really needed a redhead character, so here is Carly.  She is in the same universe as Samantha and works as a combat and hospital medic. Her personality is very sweet and nurturing, and her patients receive nothing but the best care in every way possible.


  1. *drooling uncontrolably*
    can't wait to see what adventures she gets into! :3

    1. Thank you I hope I can get her some action soon :)

  2. Great character and very sexy beauty

  3. I'm going to go against the grain and say that while Carly herself looks great, especially her hair I think her outfit looks absolutely awful. She looks like she stepped out of a bad 70's music video. I don't expect you to change her up much, if at all based on one person's opinion but regardless I'd just like to quickly list the design faults as I see them.

    1) Baldcap: both Carly and Samantha have them and they both make them look about as sexy as you'd expect a bald woman to look.

    2) Visor: Along with the baldcap it obscures nearly her entire face and gives her a rather androgynous look when in full tackle. They're neither practical nor sexy. A hard helmet would be more suitable in a warzone if you really are doing it to give the character a practical look, and most urban emergency response teams don't bother with any kind of hat or helm since there's no need. If you want to give her some kind of visor, just go for a small, single eye one since it'll obscure less of her face while still giving the same result.

    3) Chest: Why does she have two swimsuits on? Seriously, that's all I see when I look at her chest. Two swimsuits. Either give her a zip up top that can't cover her chest completely or a cleavage diving shirt or something. Giving her two tops that mostly cover the same area is pointless and redundant.

    4) Flares. Why? Boot cut jeans can work with the right outfit, but since these aren't even complete pants you've basically given her flared stockings which is just silly and ugly as shit.

    5) The color scheme. Red and white is an obvious color scheme for a medic, but she doesn't even have a red cross anywhere on her - just bold red lines at almost every seam and joint of her outfit.

    Basically my problems with your outfits for both Carly and Samantha for that matter can be summed up as: too complicated and trying to be both practical and sexy while ending up as neither. Less is more. There's a reason why sexy nurse costumes are usually rather small and simple, and a reason why most fashion designers stick to simple, bold colors and designs - that's what works. Sure, you have exceptions like tie-die (and I'm sure someone more versed could explain why), but this isn't part of that trend. This is just ugly.

    It's strange too, because Ivy and most of the rest of your characters actually look quite well dressed and fashionable. Maybe it's just because these two are sci-fi focused compared to the fantasy stuff you normally do and you're trying out new stuff for them, but either way, I really can't say as it works. For me, at least.

    Regardless, I can't wait to see more of Carly - I'll just be skipping as quickly as I can to the pics where she strips out of her costume.

    1. Lazy Fuck, I appreciate your thorough critique and will take everything you have said into consideration. I'll start off by saying that I agree with you that the helmet/cap and visors aren't very sexy. That is why I did hardly any renders with them on, and just kind of did so for the heck of it. As far as the clothing goes, both Samantha's and Carly's were part of individual sets that I chose to use because of the semi-combative sci-fi look, as well as being able to strip off central and revealing pieces of clothing while keeping other parts on. I don't think the styles are terrible, but we can agree to disagree about that (and I won't disagree about the impracticality).

      I do plan on getting them both into more sexy clothes which aren't suits like this, but I wanted to start them out with the suit thing. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can get back to work but for now I'm just releasing some stuff that I already have.

      I really appreciate that you took the time to write this, and your feedback is always welcome on past and future works. Hopefully you'll like the next one better, so please keep watching :)