Saturday, April 27, 2013

Leia and Princess Therese

Leia, age nineteen, is a young woman of nobility. She is well educated and possesses some latent magic ability, unknown even to herself. She has come to the royal palace to visit her good friend, Princess Therese. The afternoon is hot and Leia can't wait to get out of her expensive clothing and feel the cool, refreshing water on her naked body.

Princess Therese, age twenty, is the youngest of the King's three daughters and is well accustomed to a life of luxury. Without many cares, the princess loves nothing more than to have her friends over for parties and visits.

Leia and Therese wade into the pool and begin having fun, all while enjoying the sight of and feel of each-others wet, sexy, naked bodies.

 I can never have enough renders of one scene :)


  1. Fantastic, Fantastic work K! You are so talented. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us.

    Best wishes always.

  2. They're awesome, love the way you've made them , especially Leia. Any possibility that we might see more of them (or at least Leia):D ?

    1. Thank you, and I plan to have more pretty soon. Leia is definitely one of my favorites and I would love to do a lot of different stuff in the future with her.

  3. Nice couple of shots, the one fault I'd point out would be that Therese having her head tilted back so much and/or her eyes rolled upwards in all of the shots makes her look like she's not enjoying the scene so much as condescendingly pretending to be to humor Leia or something. It just makes her look a bit odd and out of the scene I think.

  4. Just found you via Jomish site, love this one excellent work the watter and wetness look perfect .