Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bimbofication of Beth

I'm not really into transformation fetishes, which can get pretty weird, but I thought I'd try doing a bimbofication sequence because it looked like fun.

Beth has always been a hardworking businesswoman; she gets shit done and takes crap from no one. Being the office manager in an all-male environment may be intimidating to many women, but not Beth. As the boss Beth was willing and glad to be a complete bitch to her underlings, most of which had grown to dislike her quite a bit. Beth was proud of advancing her interpretation of feminism; she looked down on all men, and women who enjoyed men. She wouldn't stop until she felt that every man had learned his place.

One morning as Beth exited the elevator something began to happen. Beth felt a strange tingly feeling in her chest and hips. It started to become stronger and expand into her body, stopping her in her footsteps. Her breasts, which were rather small and not much to speak of, grew warmer and felt ticklish. They began to feel tight under her own skin. Beth's skirt became very tight on her hips, she didn't know how but they must be expanding! Her ass began to feel more full as well, tightening her strained skirt even further. Beth looked down in complete dismay at her breasts; she could not deny that they were getting larger. And where had her shirt gone? Someone would see her any minute, but the tingling feeling in her body was overwhelming and she couldn't move her legs.

Soon Beth's skirt was gone, and she felt like her bones themselves were changing. She felt as if she were getting taller, and her hips felt much wider than before. Her waist had shrunk and tightened, and her formerly pulled back hair was now flowing over her shoulders, and lighter. Her engorged breasts were pushing her jacket to its limits. Beth felt immense embarrassment as her panties stretched around her full hips and rounded ass, and her transforming shoes lifted her higher off the ground. Her embarrassment was quickly being displaced by intense desire rising from her groin. She felt insatiably hungry, and empty; her huge breasts felt like they had an itch which could only be satisfied by the squeeze of a thousand iron grips. Her pussy felt hot and slippery, and Beth felt an urge so powerful that she wanted to fill herself with anything she could get her hands on, and would have if she could control her hands.

 Soon Beth's mind was clearer, and although her desire was more subdued it was no less intense. She was now standing in the middle of her office floor, scantily clad in tight, pink and transparent clothing with scandalous heels; her body had become full, lush and tanned; her makeup was seductively trashy bright pink and her nails long; her hair was streaked bleach-blond. Most of all, she wanted nothing more than to spread her legs as wide as possible and be fucked by as many men as possible, all day. She wanted to be used for nothing but their pleasure, and for her swollen pussy, pouty lips, and tight asshole never be empty of hard man flesh. She didn't know how long this would last or why it had happened, but Beth couldn't care less at the moment.




  1. Wow!! cool transformation n_n

  2. Well done K! Brought a large smile to my face when viewing this series. What a fun series, thank you much.

    Best wishes always

    1. Good to hear and I'm glad you enjoyed! Thanks! :)