Saturday, October 19, 2013

Syrrist in Darkness

With staff raised, the High Elf Mage Syrrist confidently investigates the shadowy, abandoned courtroom. She knows little of fear, although she is mindful of the creeping vermin that shadows such as these can release into the lighter places. Only a month or so ago, this room was bustling at the center of a great city; now its powerful inhabitants had all but disappeared, leaving a hauntingly quiet palace to trickle fear into the city's remaining inhabitants.

Syrrist had chosen herself to travel to the quiet palace; she was the most skilled and most powerful mage in the realm, and no one on the council doubted her ability to find a solution to this problem and discover the whereabouts of the city rulers and their court. She was also the most prideful, though no one could speak evil of her as her abilities were unmatched. 

With hips swaying confidently, Syrrist reaches the center of the great room. She looks at the darkened doorways as she considers which path to investigate first. She has no fear of the darkness, as a mage she will always have light. As she steps forward once more she feels a breeze, and a strong presence close by. The temperature of the entire room seems to drop considerably, and Syrrist shivers only for a moment.

Suddenly, one of the dark doorways emanates an unearthly sound not meant to be heard by those who dwell in the light. It is almost a voice, like a low rumble, along with rocks scraping metal, though the pattern of the sound is almost like that of slow, malevolent laughter. If the sound is a voice, it seems to come from multiple throats, in a somewhat chaotic manner. The terrible utterance makes Syrrist uneasy; it is like nothing she has heard before, and sounds like it comes from something large, evil, and something she was unfamiliar with.

If the sound was enough to make Syrrist uneasy, the accompanying telepathic thought makes Syrrist feel fear in a way she had never felt before.

"You are foolish to have come here, but I welcome you to my home. It has been far too long since I have had the pleasure of consuming something so pure and sweet such as yourself."

Immediately a monstrous creature lunges out of the shadows towards Syrrist. She raises her staff to cast a powerful attack but finds she has no power to do so. The demonic entity is on her before she has a chance to do anything else.

In no time at all, Syrrist is stripped of her bodice, which is augmented with magic protections and spells. The beastly creature has her by the throat, disarming her of her staff. As she feels her unarmored breasts exposed to the hellion, Syrrist is gripped by panic and a sense of true vulnerability. The clawed hand of the beast is slimy and cold, it has the feeling of something that should not be alive and animate. The creature's multiple sets of eyes loo at her relatively small body, they are hungry and filled with malice.

 "I will consume your flesh with the darkness."

The powerful thought imparts intense fear, and Syrrist feels her strength sapped and her breath gone as she is slammed into the ground. Her legs are spread painfully wide, she feels something cold, hard and rough between them. The realization of what is happening quickly grasps her, but she is helpless to do anything to stop it. The demon creature will have her, and she knows there is no escape. She feels her power continuously drained in a way she thought was impossible, and once the beast is inside her she knows that she may never recover her power, even if she lives long enough to escape the creature.

 To be continued...?

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  1. Great work my friend. Hope you will continuoe

  2. Very good. The beast is delightfully hideous.

  3. she needs to have a taste of darkness deep within

  4. I would like to see her after it has taken her. Maybe it can turn her into a Slave to Darkness.

  5. I hope you continue the series as the Art is fantastic and the story most compelling.
    I'm hooked ... great stuff!

    Happy Holidays

    1. Thank you, I'll try! Happy holidays to you kingrino!