Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Leia

It's been some time since an update again. I've been working on a few different projects and doing very large amounts of tedious experimenting. My latest toy is Realflow fluid simulation, which has come in quite handy I should say. I recently did an art trade with someone on HF, and used this piece as an experiment for cum simulation. I don't think it's perfect yet; I would like to get a more viscous feeling from the cum and refine the shader as well. But here it is!

Also, Leia in this sexy outfit :)

It has been 12 days since a small band of fierce Orcs stormed the provincial palace hostage, holding it for ransom. Leia was unlucky enough to be caught in the situation, and has been forced to service the Orcs along with the other women of nobility, while they occupy and trash the palace. So far Leia has only had to suck their huge, green cocks; she does her best to swallow everything, lest she face the wrath of her captors.

The latest Orc is massive, Leia can't even get the whole head of his cock into her mouth. She does her best to please him, but when he shoots his load down her throat it is just too much. Her stomach fills with the Orc's hot cum very quickly, and the large excess shoots back out of her mouth and nose; this makes a disgusting mess all over Leia and the Orc's cock.


  1. Very nice to see, that you are back my friend

  2. I was begining to wonder if you were coming back. I like what you got can't wait to see her punishment! :3

    1. Thanks Sumner, I should have more soon along with fluid simulations :)

  3. Glad to see you back. Fantastic work on leia's series.
    Can't wait to see more.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  4. One tiny point: maybe shade the orc#s nails black or brownish maybe?

  5. Great work. I hope you will do more like this.